Skills for Business Processes

Business Intelligence

Connect Alexa to business-analytics databases and services. Consetto can create custom-built skills that present business figures and indicators to the user as audio, via the voice interface, or as graphics, on devices with screens. Whether you’re alone at a desk or in a group at a meeting, Alexa makes hands-free interaction with databases and enterprise software possible. 

Greeting Visitors

Bring your lobby to life–or at least give it artificial intelligence! Consetto develops Alexa Skills that greet visitors and inform potential customers about your business. Have Alexa tell visitors about your company’s fields of work, and let the user pick one she’d like to learn more about. Or entertain your visitors with interesting company facts and statistics that can be explored by voice.


Make your onboarding process smart by integrating new employees’ most important questions into an Alexa skill. When you use Alexa as an info point for frequently asked questions, you decrease the load on human resources and keep your employees up-to-date about current protocols. You don’t even need an Echo device to utilize this service–the skill can also be implemented on a phone number of your choice. Employees just call the number, and Alexa helps them with key onboarding tips and info.

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